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Mastering for iTunes


Having your song Mastered for iTunes lets gives you a product that has been mastered and quality-tested for publication in iTunes. It lets your listeners hear your music uncompressed and exactly the way it sounds in the Mastering studio before export, this means your listeners will be able to stream and download your songs at the absolute highest quality possible on iTunes. Not only will your songs sound great but you will also receive the “Mastered for iTunes” badge (seen above) in iTunes which makes your music stand out by letting the world know that they will be purchasing the Highest possible quality copy of your record.


Your MFiT file will also be great for use on other online music sites like SoundCloud, Spotify . . .


PLEASE NOTE: Mastering is recommended only for songs that have been properly mixed. Mastering does not alter or change any problems in your mix. Before having your song mastered, you should be 100% satisfied with your mix. 

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